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Isabel Jurado


Sept 26th, 2022

Dear Supporters of the Isabel Jurado Foundation, 


After seventeen years as a nonprofit, we have decided to dissolve The Isabel Jurado Foundation. The remaining funds will go to Cure Sanfilippo Foundation ( whose mission is to support research specific to Sanfilippo Syndrome or MPSIII. This decision was a difficult one for us to make as we do care deeply about the MPS community and are so grateful for the support shown to our foundation for the last seventeen years. Covid brought fundraising to a halt for us in 2020, but it also coincided with the Lord shifting our efforts to more local support of individuals with special needs and their families through opening a pediatric therapy clinic in our community. In the midst of supporting local families, we must also balance the needs of our own family with our unique capacity and human limitations. In short, running the foundation is more than we can do and do well at this time in our lives. It has been a privilege to see God work through this foundation to better the lives of those affected by MPS diseases. We stand in awe of the great work being done by many other nonprofits to fund research and family support for MPS diseases. The Lord blessed us with an amazing little girl in our Izzy. She continues to teach us how to live and love well, five years after she was healed and returned home to the Father.  MPS diseases are so incredibly difficult. Thank you for walking along side us in allowing her life to make this world a little better through this foundation. Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”


Our Sincere Gratitude, 


Jimmy and Leslie Jurado

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